Make Ready Services

Work with us to repair and prepare your rental house, apartments, flip house, office or retail space. Get a free quote from our team of expert contractors.
Make Ready: Rentals, Homes, Apartments and Businesses

Let us help prepare your home or building for tenants or sale. General maintenance for an apartment turnover to a full remodel on an investment property – we can do it. Contact us for a quote.

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Flip houses
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Our Make Ready Process

We start by walking the property, creating a punch list, providing a free quote, and then getting to work. Our team includes skilled painters, contractors, brick masons and landscapers. Because of our experienced team, we can coordinate timelines and complete the job quickly. Whether you’re the property owner, management company, real estate agent or new tenant, we’d be happy to help prepare your space for dwelling.


Are quotes free?

Yes, send us a message to get started!

Do you do this for commercial property, rentals and for-sale homes?

Yes, we work on all types of properties.

What is the average timeline for a make-ready project?

We average three to five days for an apartment or rental home turn, but it all depends on the property's needs.

What is a “make ready” project?

Make ready is a term used for preparing a property for new tenants. It can describe preparing homes, businesses, apartments, duplexes, and other buildings after someone has moved out and the property needs to be fixed and maintained for the next tenant.

What is the cost of a make ready job?

Cost varies by project, but we are always happy to work with different-sized budgets.

Ready to Get Started?

Make Ready Outside, Too!

While the team works inside your building, we can work outside too. We provide reliable, expert lawn care, flower bed maintenance and landscaping for apartment buildings, rentals, commercial complexes and more. Contact us to learn more.