Dirt Work

OKC’s best dirt work company and grading team. Grade A provides foundation leveling, dirt haul-off, pad leveling, backfill services and more.
Professional Leveling, Grading, and Moving Dirt

Our team provides excellent dirt work across the Oklahoma City metro. Leveling foundations, backfilling pools, removing dirt from job sites, excavation and grading for landscaping are just a few of our capabilities as a trusted dirt work company. Reach out for a free estimate.

Dirt Work Services
Pad leveling
Foundation leveling
Dirt haul off
Backfill swimming pools
Much more
What is Land Grading?

Land grading is moving dirt, rocks and other materials to change or level the land’s surface. As a part of our dirt grading services, we bring in our machinery and team of experts to clear and grade the land so it is ready for foundation, paving or landscaping. We’ve helped home and business owners with dirt work as they begin building new homes, offices, renovations, barns, and retail, and our experienced team would love to help you get started on the right foot too.


Can you level my foundation?

Yes, we can level foundations and help restore your home or building to the correct elevation.

Can you remove or haul off dirt, gravel or other materials?

Yes, we’ve helped businesses and families across OKC, Edmond, Moore and beyond by removing dirt and gravel quickly. If you need help removing trees, clearing land, or hauling off trash, our team can help with that too.

Can you bring in dirt, gravel or sand?

Yes, we’re happy to bring in whatever materials are needed for your project.

Can you backfill holes?

Yes, we’re happy to backfill holes from ground stumps, swimming pools or ponds.

Do you provide a dumpster/dump truck and haul-off waste?

Yes, of course.

Do you have your own machinery?

Yes, we will bring in our own machinery to complete the project.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, we are.

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